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Compactor Work Made Easy!

Designed for durability and ease-of-use, Steelwrist’s compactor attachments for excavators is the perfect way to compact soil, pipeline trenches, embankments, pits, and shafts. With a quiet, safe, and maintenance-free design, a compactor attachment can save thousands of dollars you otherwise would spend on a dedicated compactor machine! Steelwrist compactor attachments range in tolerances from 2-30 tons, meaning no job is too big or small for these specialized pieces.

Norlift in Spokane, Washington carries dozens of Steelwrist attachment models.

Steelwrist’s suite of material handling attachments increase your fleet’s efficiency, allowing you to tackle dozens of specific tasks with the same machine! With simple and quick installation, your operators can get the job done in less time, saving you and your client money.

Not sure what model of compactor is best for your application? Give our Steelwrist experts a call or visit the equipment for yourself at Norlift in Spokane, WA.




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