What is Boltless Shelving?

Boltless shelving is the ideal heavy duty shelving solution for industrial, wholesale, and/or retail applications. Boltless shelving, commonly referred to as rivet shelving, can easily be assembled and reconfigured without any hardware, nuts, or bolts. Boltless racks are durable, easily configurable and versatile, making them a great shelving solution for any facility. Choose from standard or heavy duty shelving options in a variety of sizes that will meet your boltless racking needs in your shop, store, garage, or warehouse.

Types of Boltless Shelving


Low Profile Shelving (Light Duty) is highly versatile, so it can work well in an array of spaces and suit many different needs. It can work well with mobile and work platform (mezzanine) systems, and it provides the same profile as metal shelves at much cheaper cost. What is on the shelf can also be easily accessed from all four sides. Additionally, low profile shelves line up with each other well, so they can be placed together to create desired widths and depths. Overall, these are the boltless shelves with the lowest weight capacity at 250 to 350 pounds per shelf, but the most versatile.


Long Span Shelving (Heavy Duty) is the sturdiest of the three and is the best choice when resilience and higher carrying capacities are required. They are functional and economical and do the job well. RiveTier's Long Span shelves can hold up to 1,400 pounds per shelf. Long Span Shelves also have fewer posts, meaning what’s on the shelf is highly visible. Overall, these are the strongest boltless shelves of the three.

What RiveTier do you Have?

RiveTier I

In 1968, RiveTier I was introduced as a replacement for frame systems. Made out of metal and lumbar, with slotted angles and heavy-duty upright parts engineered left to right, this system was ready to take on the world. RiveTier columns are built separately to create individual sections but can create long-span using a Tie-Plate.

RiveTier II

RiveTier II has punched holes on both sides of the upright allowing the beams to easily fit together. Low profile and long span solutions can be created using RiveTier II. To make your boltless shelving long span, just make sure to use a T-Post to connect the sections together.

RiveTier III

RiveTier III has interchangeable components and are adjustable at 1.5" increments. It can be quickly assembled and effortlessly disassembled in a matter of minutes. The new RiveTier III systems are compatible with major boltless products, including RapidRack (2 R's stamped into rivet) and Jaken, making integration with existing units a snap.

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