Warehouse Design Services

No matter what kind of application your operation specializes in, we can design an optimized warehouse for you from the ground up. Our specialists will come out to survey your site and collaborate with you on creating a warehouse that will meet your needs. We can help with creating a high-density storage design that compliments the types of forklifts in your fleet for your exact square footage. We design drive-thru, drive-in, narrow aisle, and other types of racking configurations. Our design services also include conveyor systems, automation, mezzanines, modular offices, and more to help you find the best way to maximize your material flow. Contact us today to speak with one of our specialists.

Assembly & Installation

When the equipment you buy requires on-site assembly, installation and/or anchoring, we can provide this service using qualified personnel. Our installation team is equipped with the experience and knowledge to assemble the products quicker than it would be if you did it yourself. We also have the tools and materials to be able to install long spans of Cantilever, Pallet Rack, and boltless shelving. Ask us for a price quote when placing your next order.

Project Management

Whether you are looking to have your current warehouse reconfigured or you are moving to a new location, we can design and install your new custom warehouse shelving solution. Our installation services make it easy for you to do business with us whatever the size or scope of work. If you need help determining what the best system for your space, our Warehouse Solutions Consultant will perform a seismic calc, obtain the necessary permits, and provide anchor inspections.


Time Lapse: 362,000 sq. ft Warehouse Racking Installation

Watch this time-lapse video showing the installation of 25-foot tall pallet rack at a brand new, 362,000 sq. ft warehouse for a frequent customer. This compilation shows the build of the racking system including uprights and beams, wire deck, sheer ties, anchoring, and a conveyor system. This video shows the building process over the course of 5 weeks until completion.

Sell Your Used Racking

Sell Your Used Racking

Do you want to get paid for your used racking system? Are you moving or closing a warehouse? Have you thought of replacing your used racking with a customized shelving system? If so, Norlift is here to help you!

How it works:

  • Call to schedule an appointment for an estimate on your existing racking.

  • OPTIONAL: Schedule an appointment with our warehouse consultant for new racking system options.

  • Our installation team will tear down or move your existing rack (and/or install your new system).

Contact us today to see how much your racking is worth!

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