Interlake Teardrop vs. Structural

  • There are two types of Interlake pallet racking, referred to as "Wedge" Style and Teardrop Style. The wedge style beams are compatible with any teardrop upright frame, however the teardrop style beams will not fit a wedge style upright frame.

  • Interlake started manufacturing a shaved pin style beam connector that is compatible with both wedge and teardrop style pallet racking systems.

  • Interlake pallet racking is most commonly green uprights and orange beams.

  • Often available in a much heavier weight capacities using the same dimensions of traditional roll-formed pallet rack. Structural is usually assembled with nuts and bolts.

  • There are no particular colors associated with structural racking.

Hannibal Roll-Formed vs. Structural



  • Roll-Formed Selective Pallet Rack is the most flexible and extensively used pallet rack in the material handling industry. Norlift offers a wide variety of styles, sizes and gauges to meet most capacity and seismic requirements.

  • Standard colors are blue uprights and yellow beams.

  • Structural Pallet Rack is manufactured from heavy-duty hot rolled structural steel to withstand the most rigorous of applications. The S-Series is available in various sizes and capacities to meet stringent requirement.

  • Standard colors are blue uprights and orange beams.

Spacerak Roll-Formed vs. Structural



Roll-Formed Racking:
  • 3- or 4-pin end connectors

  • Allow for 2" vertical adjustability

  • Various profile heights with a 1-5/8" interior step for added strength and versatility

  • Teardrop punch on 2" vertical increments for boltless beam connection

Structural Racking:
  • Standard 2 bolt, 4 hole x 8" end connector for 2" vertical adjustability

  • Welded column reinforcements for added capacity and increased impact damage resistance

Unarco Racking

Unarco Teardrop
  • Universal style

  • Automatic locking devices

  • Design lets studs secure to uprights

Unarco Sturdi-Bilt
  • Features a "wedge lock" clip system to hold the beams in place.

  • Beams sit on clip that fits in slots on uprights - provides strong friction connection.

  • Standard colors are dark blue uprights/beams and yellow beams.

Unarco T-Bolt (new & old)
  • Beams are attached to the upright with large bolts and must be tightened properly.

  • A tab on each beam end connector holds the beam in place while T-Bolt is installed

  • T-Bolt is inserted through the front of the beam turned by 90-degrees

  • Standard colors are dark blue or orange beams and dark blue uprights.




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