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Backhoe Loaders For Sale In Spokane & Coeur D’Alene

Norlift carries JCB backhoes for sale in eastern Washington and northern Idaho. Highly customizable with a variety of attachments, backhoes are great for digging and moving heavy materials around large job sites. Contact the nearest Norlift construction equipment dealership to find the right equipment for the job today.

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Innovative & Dynamic

JCB backhoes are highly versatile machines, combining excavating, trenching, lifting, loading, and material handling capabilities into one platform. Adding backhoe loaders to any fleet can rapidly diversify your capabilities, allowing you to take a wider variety of contracts and grow your operation. With dig depths over 20’ deep, reaches over 27’ long, and up to 109hp engines, JCB backhoes can tackle any task you throw at them.

Backhoes Vs. Excavators

Backhoes and excavators perform similar functions, but backhoes are more specialized due to their size and range of attachments. Excavators move slowly and are capable of moving huge amounts of material or heavy loads. Backhoes are typically smaller and higher road speeds, making them easier to maneuver around large job sites quickly. Backhoes generally have smaller load capacities than excavators, but can do a wider variety of jobs due to how customizable they are. Depending on how heavy the loads are that you need to lift, how much material you need to move, how big your job sites typically are, and how much variety you see within your tasks, choosing a backhoe over an excavator can be the smarter decision.

Huge Attachment Catalog

Backhoes are great investments due to how modular they are. One machine can do the job of multiple other pieces of equipment by simply swapping out the attachment. No matter the season or the conditions, a JCB backhoe attachment can help you get the job done. Whether you’re trying to tackle a project in construction, waste management, agriculture, forestry, or anything else, the attachments below can help.

  • Augers

  • Buckets

  • Pallet forks

  • Forestry attachments including grinders and cutters

  • Snow removal blades

  • Brooms and sweeps

  • Landscaping attachments including tillers, breakers, and rakes

Areas We Serve

Norlift is the certified JCB dealer for the counties below.

  • Spokane County, WA

  • Kootenai County, ID

  • Bonner County, ID

  • Adams County, WA

  • Latah County, ID

  • Nez Perce County, ID

  • Whitman County, WA

  • Shoshone County, ID

  • Boundary County, ID

  • Stevens County, WA

  • Idaho County, ID

  • Benewah County, ID




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