Norlift's Beginnings as a Material Handling Dealer

Norlift's Beginnings as a Material Handling Dealer

Norlift began on October 1, 1970, as the authorized dealer in the Inland Northwest for forklifts, including Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana. In the years since we have grown from 4,000 sq. ft. and 6 employees, to 40,000 sq. ft. and over 35 employees. We are pleased to have several employees who have made that journey with us for the majority of those years. Norlift began its second generation of ownership in 1990, when I was privileged to take over from my folks, company founders Dick and Ruth Jarvis. In our first few years, in addition to forklifts, we began offering other material handling products such as rack and shelving, conveyor systems, and other related storage and handling products. In 1995 we became the authorized Toyota forklift dealer. In 2017, we expanded our products offerings to include construction equipment by becoming an authorized JCB equipment dealer. As always, we are pleased to serve our customers as the largest locally owned dealer of construction, material handling, and storage equipment in the Inland Northwest.


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Presidential Vision

"It is my belief that one of our highest privileges in life is to serve others. My vision for Norlift is to serve our customers, vendors, and employees in the same manner that we ourselves would like to be served. This requires doing for others what is best for them, and helping them to accomplish their goals. Our success as a business is found in honestly desiring their success, and serving them to that end. Among other things, this requires integrity, professionalism, responsiveness, innovation, and an understanding of each of their unique needs. In the Material Handling industry, we have the privilege of helping our customers operate their businesses more effectively. We accomplish this by helping them better utilize their space, more efficiently handle their products, and by keeping their existing handling and storage systems working safely and at their peak. Our customers have benefited with reduced expenses, less product damage, improved productivity, and better customer service. In the end, Norlift's success is not measured by just the bottom line, for I believe that by itself is an empty accomplishment. It is measured by our employees' growth and happiness, by our vendors' accomplishments through us, and ultimately by our customers' success. This is 'Serving to Success'." -Jay M. Jarvis, President

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Norlift has been in business for over 50 years. Without you, our amazing customers, and our proactive employees, we never would have made it this far. Whether you need parts or service for your forklift, racking for your warehouse, wheels and casters, or an experts opinion - everyone at Norlift is here to serve you and your business. Learn more about the people that help take care of all of your needs here!


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