Toyota has been a top selling forklift brand since 2002, and continue to manufacture their forklifts in Columbus, IN. Norlift Construction and Material Handling in Spokane, Washington, offer the best Toyota forklift models, known for their quality, durability, reliability, and overall value. Toyota equipment is perfect for facilities and warehouses looking to increase their efficiency with a quality, reliable forklift.

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Toyota Forklifts at Norlift

The Toyota equipment offered at Norlift covers several models of forklift, aerial work platforms, pallet jacks, and tow tractors. We also carry many Toyota models in our used equipment inventory, at a discounted or lower price than new.

Toyota entered the North American forklift market over 50 years ago and has manufactured over 700,000 forklifts on U.S. soil. Today, Toyota is the world leader in forklift sales. Toyota forklifts is a full-service manufacturer and distributor of high-quality forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, pallet jacks, container handlers, scissor lifts, tow tractors, AGVs, and other automated material handling solutions.

Toyota introduced the world's first and only System of Active Stability (SAS). The system electronically monitors the forklift's operation to help reduce the likelihood of both lateral and longitudinal tip-overs.

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