Warehouse Cleaning 101

We understand it may be difficult to give your floors the attention they deserve. Especially with the large amount of space, heavy volume, and around-the-clock nature of warehouses. Although, with the constant wear and tear that goes on in a warehouse on a daily basis, cleaning your floors should be a high priority. From spills to tire marks to dust and debris, a dirty warehouse can become a dangerous hazard if you aren't careful. That is why industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers from FactoryCat is key to help keep your floors clean and hazard-free. When you create a clean space for your employees, you are also creating a better work culture, happier customers, and you'll pass all government inspections.

Why Cleaning your Warehouse is Important


From oil spills to something as simple as a piece of cardboard, there are numerous warehouse hazards that can put your employees at risk. If you make it an effort to keep your floors as clean as possible, it creates a safe work environment where workers have a clear line of vision, with no debris in the way, and there are no opportunities to swerve the equipment and cause more hazards.


For some companies, your warehouse or shop will be the only thing your customers see when they visit your business. And a clean warehouse speaks volume to your employees and especially your customers. When the floors are filled with dust and debris, your product will soon become dirty too. In order to avoid your product becoming dirty, it is important to regularly clean your warehouse floors and give your customers a great first impression.

Labor Costs

In order to keep your warehouse clean and free of debris, you need employees to take time out of their day to do that. For some locations, that can be a very big job for one person and you may need multiple people to sweep and mop. This can increase labor costs and decrease productivity. If one employee was able to run the industrial floor cleaner and the other employees can continue helping customers and keep the business moving, this would overall increase productivity and decrease labor costs.

How to Clean your Warehouse Floors

Stick to a Schedule

Scheduled time for floor cleaning is the best way to maintain your warehouse's cleanliness. Addressing your higher traffic areas where packing materials and debris tend to build up is the perfect place to start and assign as a high priority. While every warehouse is unique, creating a cleaning schedule and sticking to it will impress your customers and create a healthy environment for your employees.

Be Proactive

It's easy to allow cleaning to slip through the cracks and not become a high priority task. But, if you take an effort to clean little by little everyday, it will help keep your facility cleaner over time. Place trash and recycle bins throughout your warehouse to prevent packing materials from building up. Picking up debris, removing cups, or wiping spills daily goes a long way.

FactoryCat Industrial Floor Cleaners


The walk behind Model 34 Floor Sweeper is compact, industrial, and the most durable in the business. This sweeper is perfect for the harshest environments such as mines, steel mills, sawmills, factories, and recycling/compost centers. The TR Ride On Sweeper was built from the success of the Model 34. The side brooms sweep up the dirt in the corners while a tubular sweeping broom sweeps up the dirt and debris from the floor and packs it into the steel hopper. FactoryCat has the perfect solution for Industrial Floor Sweepers.


There are a variety of sizes for walk behind and ride on floor scrubbers from FactoryCat. The Micro-HD floor scrubber has a cleaning path of 17-26 inches, has a run time up to 2.5 hours, and has a tank capacity of 13 gallons. Loaded with all the features of the larger walk behind scrubbers, the Micro-HD is big on performance and small in size. The compact design creates an agile machine with the power to clean any floor. Rubberized floors, grouted tile, exposed aggregate and concrete floors can be cleaned with ease and left dry with a powerful vacuum system and scrub motors. Another featured FactoryCat machine is the GTR Ride On Floor Scrubber. The GTR can restore filthy and grimy floors with ease. High speed scrubbing brushes and generous down pressure makes cleaning your floors easy covering a great deal of square footage per hour.

Warehouse Cleaning 1011