Knowing Your Forklift Trip Points!

Trip hazards are all around us and when we are not paying attention to our surroundings, it can lead to very serious injuries. These injuries can be the result of life or even death in some cases within the material handling industry, especially if forklifts are involved. Toyota Forklift has compiled a list of potential trip points for you to keep in mind when operating a forklift.

  1. Steps - The steps on the forklift are used all day long as you enter and exit. Depending on the design of your truck, these tripping hazards may differ. Be aware of the step height and location as well as any obstructions or changes in elevation that could cause your foot to get caught or you to lose balance. As you enter and exit the forklift, be sure to use the 3-point stance (pictured below). Always have one foot down and each hand gripping a part of the forklift for balance (this can be your overhead guard, pillar, or seat).

  2. Pedals - Make sure you are taking into account the service brake, accelerator, and parking brake pedals when entering and exiting a forklift. Familiarize yourself with the locations of the pedals. Always engage the parking brake before exiting the vehicle. See below for an example for forklift controls and locations.

  3. Floorboard - Each floorboard varies in size, shape, and material. Check for elevation changes and/or any abnormalities that your foot could potentially get caught on. If the floorboard is damaged or its tread has been wore off, be sure to replace before operating. Always make sure it has been installed correctly, as improper installation can create additional trip points.

  4. Forks/Attachments - When walking around a parked forklift, be mindful of what's on the ground around you. Forks and other attachments on the front of the forklift can create elevation change at a low height that is easily missed if you are not paying attention.

These are a few general trip points you may find on and around forklifts. Each forklift is designed differently, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the trip points on each forklift before entering and exiting. Many of these may seem like mindless tasks, but reinforcing these principles can help you to enhance forklift safety in your workplace.

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