How Can Automation Help You & Your Business?

Warehouse Automation can take your Operation to the Next Level!

From a forward-looking warehouse design that accommodates automation to integrated industrial robotics, from fully automated facility construction to advanced product tracking, Toyota Advanced Logistics North America and their operating company, Bastian Solutions, have partnered together to enable clients to excel in their markets and achieve their strategic business goals. As your local Toyota dealer, we work closely with Bastian Solutions to bring you industrial robotic systems that can handle individual products, goods-to-person order picking systems for efficient labor use, and automated pallet receiving, storing, and depalletizing. Contact Us today and let's start finding the perfect solution for your warehouse!

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems | AS/RS

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) thrive in applications where high volumes of inventory move in-and-out of manufacturing or distribution operations. Storing with ASRS means accurate, real-time data is kept on inventory - eliminating need for physical inventory inspections and also providing direct access to items at all times. Utilizing ASRS increases throughput and efficiency, saves space, allows you to use your “air rights” and reduces building costs.

Featured AS/RS Technologies

- Unit Load

- Mini Load

- Pallet Shuttle

- Goods to Person

- VLMs & Industrial Carousels

- Custom Automated Storage Solutions

Watch this short informational video to learn more about what AS/RS can do for you!

Automated Guided Vehicles & Autonomous Mobile Robots | AGVs & AMRs

Industrial automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) excel at safely and consistently transporting products and materials in manufacturing and distribution operations. Our automated and autonomous vehicle systems are a cost-effective solution that increase efficiency, improve working conditions, and easily scale to match your growth.

AGVs and AMRs provide a more flexible and reliable alternative to conventional material transport methods involving fork trucks, static conveyors, and manual transport. They are typically used where high volumes of materials are moved in repetitive paths, where little or no human decision making skill is required. Automated vehicles are especially useful in processes where change is constant, and barriers - such as conveyors - are undesirable.


- Improve operator working conditions by reducing tedious and repetitive tasks

- Reduce production and labor costs by improving traffic flow, reducing variability, and improving traceability

- Improve safety by reducing human error that can cause product or facility damage and potential injury. The automated vehicles' sensor fusion along with the safety system provide optimum safety in your environment.

- Improve space utilization by reducing barriers like conveyor and providing flexibility within your facility layout.

- Redeployable between multiple tasks and locations as demands change.

- Scalable by simply adding or removing vehicles and charging stations to match demand.

- ROI achieved by improving safety, increasing consistency, reducing labor, and lowering operation costs.

- Easy and fast installation with little to no facility modifications required. Vehicles that use vision guidance or natural features navigation require little to no infrastructure changes because they operate by referencing existing features within the operating environment to determine their location. Tape and RFID navigation requires magnetic tape and RFID markers to be installed along the desired paths. 

Watch this short video from Toyota to learn more about how AGVs can help your business save time and money on operator costs!

Goods-to-Person Order Fulfillment

Goods-to-person is a modern method of order fulfillment that combines automated storage with accurate, ergonomic picking processes. Products are stored within the system and automatically transported directly to the operator as needed for picking, eliminating wasteful travel time. Workstation screens display exactly which item needs to be picked, eliminating order errors. Goods to person technologies are easily scalable to match growing demand or an increase in SKUs. These systems allow for an impressive increase in efficiency and accuracy of the picking process.

- Ideal for ergonomic picking

- Easily scalable

- Produces a smaller footprint and uses less space

Featured Goods-to-Person Technology

- AutoStore

- Perfect Pick

- Scallog

- Attabotics

- Servus

- Mini-Load ASRS

- Vanderlande ADAPTO

What are the benefits of AutoStore? Watch this video to see why AutoStore has faster delivery times, is the definition of space efficiency, and has an unbeaten up-time!

Order Fulfillment

When it comes to order fulfillment, businesses are facing many challenges that require regular evaluations of existing methods and technology. Understanding opportunities to make your business successful is critical when selecting the right technology for order fulfillment improvement to meet growing industry challenges. 

When chosen correctly, order fulfillment technology is capable of reducing labor costs with improvements in service levels, higher throughput and scalability. Whether you're looking to improve order accuracy, ramp up productivity or increase customer satisfaction—or all of the above—our experts can provide a solution tailored to your warehouse.

How Can Automation Help You & Your Business?1