8 Steps to Increase Your Forklift Fleet

How to keep your Forklift Fleet on the Up-and-Up even when Product Availability is Down!

It’s no secret that the supply chains for countless products – from appliances and forklifts to raw materials and microchips – are currently struggling to keep up with the demand; but a supply chain disruption doesn’t need to disrupt your business. Here are eight tips to keep your products moving efficiently even when forklift availability is limited.

  1. KEEP YOUR FORKLIFTS HEALTHY WITH A SCHEDULED PLANNED MAINTENANCE PROGRAM: Forklifts that are regularly serviced through a Planned Maintenance (PM) program run longer and retain their efficiency because minor issues can be resolved before they become major issues.

  2. CHECK YOUR FORKLIFT TIRES: If you’re running on tires that are worn out or starting to wear thin, shock and impact transfer directly into the components of your forklift, causing parts to wear out more quickly or to fail unexpectedly. Tires that are in good shape minimize the shock on your components.

  3. PLAN ACCORDINGLY: If your business plans to buy or lease new forklifts within the next two years, start the process now as production times for forklifts from all manufacturers could exceed one year. If you plan to rent forklifts, schedule your rental units as far in advance as possible.

  4. CONSIDER USED OR REFURBISHED EQUIPMENT: While it may be more difficult to find used equipment during the supply chain disruption, used and refurbished forklifts are immediately available with no lead time. Be ready to buy quickly when the right truck is available.

  5. CONSIDER ALL OF THE BRANDS OFFERED BY NORLIFT: We carry several different brands to meet all of your material handling needs. Regardless of what brand you purchase from us, you will always get top-notch service from our sales staff, technicians, and parts associates.

  6. EXPLORE ELECTRIC AND DIESEL OPTIONS: Electric and diesel options are currently more readily available that LP-powered forklifts. Maybe now is a great time for your company to transition to electric or diesel. We can make the transition a swift and easy one for your company.

  7. MINIMIZE FORKLIFT USAGE THROUGH AUTOMATION AND IMPROVED WAREHOUSE EFFICIENCY: Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and improved efficiency can reduce the forklifts you have in operation. This might be the right time to consider changing your warehouse setup and integrating automation.

  8. YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS: We have been in the forklift business for more than 50 years, so we have a deep knowledge and extensive experience in finding you the right equipment, getting your the parts you need, and keeping your forklifts running smoothly. Count on our experts! We’re here to help.

8 Steps to Increase Your Forklift Fleet1