Norlift's selection of JCB mini excavators beat out the competition for comfort and utility

What is the Best Compact Excavator?

Excavators are the most versatile pieces of construction equipment in your worksite arsenal, and the compact excavator is no exception! With a small footprint and durable track, a compact excavator can excel in tight spaces and small jobs. With the addition of equipment attachments, a compact excavator can accomplish a variety of tasks, including grappling, suspending, material handling, and more!

But which compact excavator should you buy? In this article, we compare two popular and small footprint compact excavators, the JCB 35Z-1 Mini and the Kubota KX033-4 Compact. Read on to learn which is the better option based on price, versatility, and load capacity, and why JCB equipment carries the best lineup of construction equipment on the market!

JCB 35Z-1 Mini Excavator

The JCB 35Z-1 is one of JCB's New Generation Stage V mini excavators. The 35Z-1 is notable for its zero tailswing design, allowing it to rotate around and operate without sticking its rear body over the track footprint, giving better and safer maneuverability in tight spaces. In addition to this, the JCB mini excavator has 100% steel bodywork, making it tougher and easier to repair than the competition. 

JCB 35Z-1 Mini Excavator Specifications

With a 24.7 horsepower engine powering this small footprint mini excavator, the JCB 35Z-1 is an ideal choice for small to mid-sized applications. The stock bucket breakout is 7,284 lbs, with a far-reaching excavating arm. With a simple movement angle blade at the track's base, the 35Z-1 can seamlessly transition to material removal. The enclosed and covered cab keeps the orator safe and dry in any weather conditions and offers superior comfort and ease of use. A new JCB 35Z-1 mini excavator is quoted at around $55,000*, making it slightly below average when compared to comparable models.

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Kubota Compact Excavator KX033-4

The Kubota KX033-4 excavator brings a spacious cab, hydraulic blade, and extendable dipper to the compact equipment market. Designed to be your all-in-one excavator, the KX033-4 is slightly bigger than the JCB alternative and carries a desirable package of construction equipment needs.

Kubota KX033-4 Compact Excavator Specifications

Coming in with a 24.8 horsepower engine and a stock bucket breakout force of 8,138 lbs, the KX033-4 can move more material at one time than the competition, but lacks the maneuverability of smaller mini excavators, with a larger footprint, tailswing, and minimal clearance. Quoted at around $65,000*, the KX033-4 is slightly above average when compared to comparable models.

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