Steelwrist Finger FG20-5 (6-12 tonnes)

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Make Steelwrist
Model Finger FG20-5 (6-12 tonnes)
Type Grapples

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Heavy duty universal grapple

The Steelwrist finger grapple is a heavy duty universal grapple for stumps, debris, scrap and shrubbery. It comes in a seven finger and a five finger version, to fulfill wishes from the operators. Similarly to all other Steelwrist grapples it has a high clamping force, load holding valves and accumulator for the highest safety level.
With a wide opening it’s the perfect work tool for operators who want to broaden their scope of work. The by-passing jaws close fully so that also thin objects can be handled with ease.

Hardox 500 in all wear plates as well as jaws with hard facing 600 Hb welding for longer lifetime. Obviously it also has expander plates and self lubricating bearings.
The bracket has a 5° angle that levels the grapple with the tiltrotator rotation plane. Naturally it works great with our SQ-technology.


  • Bracket: S40, S45, S50, HS08, CW10
  • Compaction area (lb): 6600
  • Gripper area, m2: 0,2
  • Gripper force, tip against tip, kN: 10
  • Gripper reach (inch): 49.21
  • Height, max open: 500
  • Height, tip against tip: 655
  • Machine weight (lb): 13200-26400
  • Max operating pressure (bar): 250
  • Weight (lb): 396





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