We Service More Than Forklifts

Dock Equipment:

When you need a loading dock leveler repaired, you want it done quickly because down time impacts your productivity and profitability. You also want high quality loading dock service, assuring reliable performance and operation. We also provide dock leveler installation when it comes time to upgrade or replace your loading dock equipment.

Scissor Lift Tables & Shrink Wrap Machines:

Proper maintenance of your hydraulic lift table and shrink wrap machine ensures the reliability and durability will remain consistent throughout its lifespan. This maintains the efficiency of your manufacturing and reduces undue expenditures related to repair.

Manual & Electric Pallet Jacks:

While high-quality pallet jacks are designed to withstand frequent use, it remains ideal to regularly conduct inspections and maintenance work to prolong their life and prevent workplace accidents. Preventive maintenance of your pallet truck is vital so you can prevent unpleasant surprises and prolong the lifespan of the pallet truck.

Construction Equipment:

Construction equipment maintenance involves scheduling routine tasks to ensure machinery operates at peak performance. Preventive maintenance also involves visual inspections, technical monitoring and oil analysis to anticipate problems and fix them before they become serious.

Material Handling Equipment:

Every 100 - 250 hours, your forklift should be lubricated, have the engine oil and filter changed, the fluid levels checked, and an inspection is done for worn or damaged parts that need replacement. Norlift's mechanics come to you to perform this vital function, saving you time, and identifying minor problems before they become costly breakdowns.

Equipment Attachments:

Your equipment was a big investment. When you take care of your construction equipment attachments, they’ll take care of you. The right care also means the life of your equipment will be longer, protecting your investment.

Floor Scrubbers & Sweepers Equipment:

Regardless of the brands in your fleet, we will take care of it all. Without any difference and in compliance with all standards. And of course, the prescribed safety inspections are also included. While you concentrate on your business, we will make sure that your floor scrubber machines are working.

We Service More Than Forklifts1