Save more with the Avista Rebate Program

Let your business or organization reap electrification's price, performance, and environmental benefits. Avista’s valuable incentives on electric forklifts make it easy.

Avista offers a $2,000 instant rebate when you buy or lease any new (or used) Class One electric forklift with a lead-acid battery. Or, enjoy a $3,000 instant rebate when you buy or lease a Class One model with a more-efficient, lithium-ion battery.

Avista’s forklift incentive program is currently being offered through Norlift, a participating local equipment dealer, so there’s no paperwork for you to fill out. When you go to buy or lease a forklift, ask us about the incentives! Your rebate amount will be instantly credited on your sales receipt.

Come check out our new and used forklift inventory in Spokane Valley, Washington. Please call 509.535.1776 to speak with our forklift specialists for more information. Take advantage of Avista’s incentives on electric forklifts today!

—————————————————— Incentive Requirements ——————————————————

• You must be a Washington resident

• You must be an Avista, Washington customer

• Incentive applies only to Class One Forklifts (electric, counterbalanced sit-down forklifts)

—————————————————— Electric Forklift Benefits ——————————————————

Electric forklifts provide substantial fuel-cost savings–as much as $2,600 annually. They also have fewer moving parts so require less maintenance and generally last longer. Zero tailpipe emissions offer a cleaner, safer work environment for your employees. Electric forklifts are much quieter, too.

Save more with the Avista Rebate Program1