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Looking for a great way to organize your garage or shop? Look no further! We have used boltless shelving available now! We have a few varieties of sizes and options, and it’s priced to sell! We also have organizer bins in stock!

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2 x 4 x 6 Five shelves

Multiple sizes available!




Meet the Norlift Employees!

Although, a more appropriate title may be: Meet the Norlift Family! The following are brief bios of our employees. To read more select the “Employees” tag under the title. We will add in more bios every week or so.

Ruk Kuchenbecker – Road Technician

Years at Norlift: 11

Ruk spends his days driving from business to business doing service calls. These could be anything from planned maintenance and upkeep to unexpected repairs. He never knows what the new day will bring. He enjoys talking with the customers and figuring out how each one uses their trucks differently in their business in order to find the best solution for them.


John Kimmet – Commercial Truck driver and lift Equipment Technician.

Years at Norlift: 20

John travels around the area delivering and picking up equipment and doing onsite ‘wrenching’ or service repair. He enjoys seeing the behind the scenes of the various businesses, but especially going to the airports and looking at all the different aircraft.


Brian Kay – Journeyman Service Technician.

Brian just moved back over to the Spokane office after working in Montana for several years. He’s enjoyed the variety that his work brings him, he never faces the same problem twice, as well as the different businesses he visits. He describes it as watching “all of America being made.”


Meet the Norlift Employees!

Although, a more appropriate title may be: Meet the Norlift Family! The following are brief bios of our employees. To read more select the “Employees” tag under the title. We will add in more bios every week or so.


Dave Fish – Shop Technician

Years at Norlift: 5

Fish, as we all call him, is a ‘say it how it is ’- straightforward type of a guy. He strives to keep the atmosphere in the shop up beat during the long days, and make light of the organized chaos some days are.

“There was one mechanic who had been working on the same Clark forklift for weeks. So I found a fake tree and put it inside the machine to make a joke at how long it had been in our shop. We all had a good laugh at it.”

Fish enjoys the challenge each machine brings him, but he specifically enjoys figuring out how older machines use to be put together. Systems change and get updated as time goes on, and he appreciates the progression technology has made.


Kody Hurd – Warehouse Assistant

Years at Norlift: .25

Kody described his job as busy, but not overwhelming. He enjoys bantering with his fellow coworkers, and enjoys his days here because he always leaves feeling like he has accomplished something. A fun fact about Kody, is that he traveled with the African children choir as a chaperone for a time. He got to go to Scotland with them.

“I move things, then move them again because they’re in my way.” Its okay Kody, it’s a learning process.


Mike Swan – Territory Sales Manager

Years at Norlift: 14

Mike oversees the Eastern Washington, Idaho, and Western Montana sales. As a humble yet competitive person, he thinks this job suits him perfectly. Even when asked if he has the most sales, he’ll just shrug and confidently say ‘sometimes’. But working at Norlift is working in a team, conversing with customers and coworkers, and building those relationships to get the job done makes the crazy days worth every moment of it. Mike said he has learned to hide his desk snacks and candy from his coworkers, one in particular – who shall remain anonymous. 

Scott Baxter – Equipment Rentals, Manager/Buyer of Used Warehouse Products

Years at Norlift: 29

Scott started at Norlift during a time when everyone had a hand in all things Norlift. Which means he has a full understanding of everything that happens here. Years back, when he started, he was just on for a temporary role, but stayed because of the company’s ethics. Norlift places a high value on honesty and being upfront and transparent. Scott says that with ethics like that, he feels like he has more freedom and is more comfortable here than he could be anywhere else. As a Manager and buyer, Scott has that there is more value in building relationships than pricing and products.

Meet the Norlift Employees!

Although, a more appropriate title may be: Meet the Norlift Family! The following are brief bios of our employees. To read more select the “Employees” tag under the title. We will add in more bios every week or so.

Ed Kuchynka- Parts, Casters, and CSS manager

Years at Norlift: 30 years

Ed is our Parts, Casters and Customer Service Sales manager. His favorite part about working here are the people, both customers and coworkers. One of the things that he has learned during his time here is that business is truly all about the relationships built. He says that every day is different, he never receives the same call twice! One thing that does continue from day to day is Ed being paged over the intercom as a joke by various people throughout his department. It keeps the atmosphere light and fun!

Laura Fisher-Accounting department

Years at Norlift: 2

Laura is our accountant. She processes invoices, collects payments, and generally makes sure the math adds up for our finances. She enjoys working with the people here and keeps busy running numbers and answering phones. Part of the Norlift charm is that we do not have an automated call message when customers call. When our phone rings during business hours, we have individuals standing by to answer and direct your call. Laura is one of those individuals, and it keeps her busy as one of our first line of customer service representatives!  In between those calls, she enjoys working for a company with a good and long standing reputation like Norlift.

We are so glad Laura decided to work for us after her and her husband moved back to Spokane following his retirement from the Navy. We would also like to take a moment to say thank you to Laura and her husband for his years of serving our country!

Heath Sande – Outside Sales Territory Manager for Allied Sales

Years at Norlift: 13

We are not sure which title is longer, his job title here at Norlift, or the nickname the kids he works with in the summer call him: Pig Master Chief Superintendent Sande. The rest of us just call him Heath. He worked here for 7 years then took a two year hiatus, and has since returned for the last 6 years. He says his favorite part about his job is having the freedom to go out and see the customers we service, and the behind the scenes of the facilities they work in.

Taylor Hannum – Service Technician

Years at Norlift: 2.5

Taylor is a technician here at our shop. He works on all the machines, but finds forklift masts the most interesting because they are what differentiates a forklift and a car. He says he appreciates that the shop is a busy place with a quick equipment turnover, making every day new and exciting.



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