Steelwrist Stone and Sorting Grapple

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Make Steelwrist
Model SG20
Type Grapples

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Steelwrist Powered Work Tools – Stone and sorting grapple Heavy duty sorting grapple

The new high-performance sorting grapples are targeted for the tougher tasks such as handling large stones, timber, recycling, scrap, sorting and also for medium duty demolition work.

The tip-to-tip closing cutting edges in HB500 steel are bolt-on and turnable, which together with the high tensile steel jaws and expander pins assures a cost effective operation. High clamping force and a super wide opening will give you the flexibility that you need. Shimable mechanical end stops and load holding valves ensure a safe work. The bracket has a 5° angle that levels the grapple with the tiltrotator rotation plane and works great with our SQ-technology.

Multiple sizes available:

SG20: 6-12 tonnes

SG25: 12-18 tonnes

SG32: 10-20 tonnes

SG40: 15-26 tonnes

SG55: 22-32 tonnes




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