Purchase vs Rent: Top Reasons to Rent a Forklift

  1. When renting a forklift, you only pay for what you use – your rental cost is based on how many days you expect to use it, a determined amount of time. When you buy a forklift you pay for 100 percent of the equipment whether you use it all day every day, or just an hour per week.
  2. Whether long or short term renting – a few days, or a full season – renting eliminates the costs of maintenance and depreciation. Norlift rents newer model, well-maintained forklifts and construction equipment, so you never have to worry about reliability.
  3. Rental payments may be tax-deductible – rental payments are usually considered an operating expense and may reduce your tax liability. (Consult your accountant/tax professional)
  4. You can generate cash by selling seldom-used equipment – many operations keep extra equipment on hand in case of breakdowns or to meet seasonal needs. Why not rent instead? Renting allows you to convert infrequently used equipment into cash. It also reduces the need for permanent storage space for the forklift and eliminates maintenance costs.
  5. Maximize your available credit – when you finance equipment, it can reduce your ability to borrow. Renting keeps your credit line clear, frees up cash flow, and reduces overhead.
  6. The forklift experts at Norlift are happy to assist you in this decision making process. Our sales consultants can provide you with the information and the options you need to make the best decision for your company. If you wonder whether renting or buying is in your best interest, give us a call at 800-666-1774. At Norlift, your success is our success.
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