Pallet Rack


At Norlift we stock a large variety of new and used racking and we can help design projects of all sizes and scope. Selective Pallet Racking is an adaptable system that allows you to have access to every pallet or stored materials in your warehouse, shop or yard. Selective Pallet racking is optimal for utilizing vertical storage space, maximizing the amount of product able to be stored in your building or outdoor space.
Advantages of Selective Pallet Rack
• Manage Multiple Pick Locations and SKU’s
• Set Shelving levels to desired heights to maximize space
• Easily adjust shelf levels as desired
• Maximize Vertical Storage Space

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  1. Looking to get a quote on some rack and beams for a warehouse.
    10 ft. beams and 14 ft. uprights.
    My name is Juan.

  2. Looking for some 4×10 ish heavy duty free standing shelves unit. Many for plywoods I’m right next to your Spokane valley location.

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