Toyota Supports Veterans with Hiring Program

Most folks know that Toyota is a Japanese company, but a lot of people don’t realize that Toyota provides a great deal more jobs to Americans than many of the companies founded in America.

One neat initiative they have going now is designed to encourage forklift dealers to hire veterans as forklift technicians. They’re offering to match donations to Hire Heroes USA, an organization that aids veterans in their job searching efforts.

From the Toyota press release:

Building on the momentum of the current Giving Veterans A Lift Operator Safety Training Program, Toyota expands support to our veterans with the new Giving Veterans A Lift Service Technician Program. This new program is designed to assist veterans in finding employment as Toyota service technicians while helping you fill much needed service technician positions. To promote these job opportunities, TMHU is placing a full page ad in GI Jobs magazine this October highlighting the program and the site. We need your help in continuing to post all technician career opportunities on the portal, under “Toyota Links” and “Dealer Job Listing.”

For each veteran hired by a Toyota Industrial Equipment dealer in the United States as a service technician in 2012, after three months of employment, TMHU will match a dealer’s donation (up to $500), in honor of the newly hired veteran, to Hire Heroes USA to help other veterans find employment too.

Seems like a stand up sort of a thing to do. Toyota has been our number one selling forklift for some time now, and it’s great to see them putting their brand power behind an initiative like this.


London 2012 Olympics to Feature Forklift Basketball

Alright, so I lied a little bit. The Olympics aren’t yet ready for a sport quite this revolutionary, with its startlingly slow speeds and precise up-and-down triple-masted action. Check the pictures, I wouldn’t lie to you about a thing like this.

This is all part of the fabulously named Forklift Rodeo held over in Seattle. 27 drivers competed to be named top forklift driver in the state. If you can’t impress the ladies with a title like that, I don’t know what to tell you.

Interesting tidbit – 23 of the drivers chose to use a Norlift-provided Toyota lift for the competition. Now, I’m not saying that Norlift forklifts are basically akin to performance enhancing drugs that will make you, quite simply, win harder … but I wouldn’t object if you were to say something like that. 23 out of 27 forklift drivers can’t be wrong.


Go Flatless with Solid Pneumatic Tires

Near the dawn of time, man invented the wheel. And that was pretty good. But people being what they are, criticisms were quickly found for the new product. First and foremost among these complaints: “It goes a bit flat at times, doesn’t it?”

Pneumatic tires are perfect for many applications, but they come with a couple of downsides, particularly when applied to home uses such as wheelbarrows and dollies: they don’t do well with heavy loads (lots of bouncing), and of course the aforementioned flats.

To the rescue? Solid pneumatic tires. While not quite as cushioned as true pneumatic tires, solid pneumatic tires provide a soft ride that works just as well outdoors as indoors, and without having to worry about flats.

Whether it’s a wheelbarrow tire you’re tired of having to refill or replace, or a handtruck or special cart, Norlift has the wheel for you. Shop online at or stop by Norlift to have a look in person.


Spokane’s largest inventory of wheels and casters at Norlift!

One of the most common things I hear our customers say is “I didn’t know you sold that!”

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