Free Up your Floor, Store Up the Wall

Post-Rack is In-Stock Now!

Norlift is excited to announce that we have partnered with Scott-Systems to bring a new type of industrial pole barn shelving system to the Pacific Northwest, Post-Rack. By using the strength of your building's own vertical posts, you have the ability to load as much as 750 pounds up to 12 feet. The possibilities are endless with Post-Rack and Norlift is here to help you get started!

Accessibility Create accessible storage anywhere (including corners) by taking advantage of your building's own vertical structure - with virtually no limitations.

Strength The design, manufacturing and materials that make up Post-Rack enable the installed product to handle heavy loads and rough usage in your pole barn.

Versatility Create work spaces as well as storage spaces to provide the same strength to the production areas of your facility.

One Bracket: $84.99/arm

Bracket Bundle (10+): $79.99/arm

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Free Up your Floor, Store Up the Wall1