October 2019 Norlift Magazine

Scroll through the latest Norlift magazine to find end of year clearance savings on racking, shelving and Akro bins. Limited time – special savings also available on electric pallet jacks and forklifts.

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New JCB and Clark products available in Washington and Idaho only.

August 2019 Norlift Magazine

Take a look through the August magazine for warehouse products specials, special tire pricing, Toyota electric pallet jack savings, rent to purchase possibilities with JCB equipment, pallet rack repair possibilities, and to see some of our used equipment,

To view a copy of the most recent news and sale items from Norlift, click here.
New JCB and Clark products available in Washington and Idaho only.

Pallet Rack Repair Made Easy

Did you know it’s often possible to repair a damaged upright without dismantling your racking system?

It’s important to have safe and secure racking in your workplace.  As independent racking experts, Norlift can help find problem areas, as well as identify racking that is damaged and needs to be replaced.  After inspecting the racking we can create a plan to replace any damaged upright or beam, or possibly repair the uprights with a repair kit.  We then put together a quote for the product and labor for our subcontractor to come in and make your racking safer for you, your employees and your customers. 

PALLET RACK REPAIR with WorldRev® products.  Norlift now offers rack repair kits for uprights where we can come in, cut the bottom portion of your uprights out and put in a prefabricated piece making your upright secure, strong and safe once again.  The most common rack damage is found on the front column of the pallet rack frame due to forklift impact.  Additional damage to the reinforcing horizontal and diagonal struts is also likely whenever column damage occurs.  Keep your warehouse safe with WorldRev® from Worldwide Material Handling and Norlift.

One final detail that we look at regarding racking, is weight capacity signs – Norlift now stocks magnetic capacity labels for all of our new racking beam capacities, and we can help you identify and properly label the weight capacities of your racking.

Cantilever Racking

Structural Cantilever

Cantilever Racking is a great solution for storing raw materials or completed pieces in warehouse and industrial manufacturing settings, indoors or outdoors. The ability to customize the racking allows you to store a broad range of products in many different lengths, weights and sizes, such as steel tubing, lumber to long skids of furniture or rolls of fabric. Cantilever load bearing arms are attached and anchored to the steel upright, and are easily adjustable allowing settings of different levels. Bracing between uprights allows you to maximize your layout space and number of arms that support your material, making long continuous runs possible. At Norlift we have cantilever available in both roll form and structural style – new and used.

Roll Form Cantilever

Advantages to Cantilever Racking

• Ability to store heavy loads of long materials
• Arms allow for easy access and material picking
• Desired number of arm levels and vertical space between is completely customizable
• Fully customizable

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RiveTier Boltless Steel Shelving

Rivetier is a unique Shelving system that allows you to maximize your existing floor space that minimizes the number of pieces required for assembly, while not sacrificing capacity possibilities. Rivetier is extremely easy to install and the only tool required is a non-marking style mallet. All metal components are made of high strength 14-gauge steel. Norlift stocks a wide variety of new and used Rivetier parts as well as 3/4” thick particle board to outfit shelves. Rivetier can be assembled in different ways to accomplish different storage needs, such as archive shelving or even tire racks. RiveTier is available in Low and Standard Profiles, offering flexibility in weight capacities. Adding extra units or shelf levels is as easy as just adding the parts you need, and not an entire set. Boltless Shelving is a great and adaptable solution for large warehouse spaces as well as personal shops and homes.

Advantages of Rivetier Boltless Shelving
• Easy to add additional units or extra shelf levels when needed
• Great Storage and Floor Saving Capability
• Ability to build units for multiple applications
• Quick and Easy Installation

The only tool you’ll need.

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