Used boltless shelving in stock now!

Looking for a great way to organize your garage or shop? Look no further! We have used boltless shelving available now! We have a few varieties of sizes and options, and it’s priced to sell! We also have organizer bins in stock!

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2 x 4 x 6 Five shelves

Multiple sizes available!




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Meet the Norlift Employees!

Although, a more appropriate title may be: Meet the Norlift Family! The following are brief bios of our employees. To read more select the “Employees” tag under the title. We will add in more bios every week or so.

Dean Gay – Parts Associate

Years at Norlift: 23

Dean is a ‘parts guy’ for the mechanics. If they are out servicing a machine they will call Dean to find a price estimate on a specific part needed. He loves the appreciates the comradery with his fellow Parts guys and the customers, they are what makes his days interesting!


Erich Ostendorf – Service Technician and Shop Foreman

Years at Norlift: 40

Erich has two different jobs, the first is as a technician. He works on diagnosing and repairing industrial equipment. He primarily focuses on electrical issues but does work on all machines. He enjoys solving the mechanical problems customers run into, and truly believes in Norlift’s catchphrase “your success is our success.” Erich is also our shop foreman, which is a fairly involved role in our shop. He oversees and advises the mechanics working on the machines in house, as well as calling customers to give updates or time estimates. Everyday is different for Erich, but his highlights involve the times he gets to interact with customers and his fellow coworkers and the times he sees his lovely wife in the office.

Matt Seeman – Service Billing Coordinator

Years at Norlift: 1

Matt compiles the information from the mechanics and service department to create a fair and comprehensive invoice. Matt was previously a warehouseman until recently when he moved into his current position. He graduated with an degree in Economics and is excited to be able to use his degree at Norlift. While he enjoyed the bustle of the warehouse, his favorite part of his current position is being able to see how all the pieces come together, and the part he gets to play in that.

Shane Zwarg – Field Mechanic

Years at Nolift: 4

If you’ve ever had one of our mechanics out at your shop, there is a possibility that Shane’s been by. Every day is different for him, different machines, different location. He says he enjoys the challenge each mechanical set back gives him which encourages him to ‘learn and adapt’.


Used Metal Shelving Units – Just $69!


We have a large selection of metal shelving starting at $69! Showcased below is a 2 x 4 x 6 shelving unit with 5 shelves. These can hold up to 400 lbs per shelf! We also have 12′ tall versions of this shelving, if desired.

This is limited to stock on hand, so click here and press the “request a quote” button, or give us a call now at (509) 535-1776!

Meet the Norlift Employees!

Although, a more appropriate title may be: Meet the Norlift Family! The following are brief bios of our employees. To read more select the “Employees” tag under the title. We will add in more bios every week or so.

Chris Wash- Customer service/Sales and Parts Representative

Years at Norlift: 14/15

Chris is our service specialist, helping provide customers with maintenance, parts, and repairs for their equipment. Chris says the best part about being apart of the Norlift is the family. He enjoys how fun it is to work in the Norlift offices and especially enjoys playing harmless pranks on fellow employees.  One time in particular he sent one new employee on the hunt for a left handed crescent wrench (I’ll save you the time looking it up, it doesn’t exist). Chris enjoys working with our customers to provide the best buying experience for them. Stop on by and say hi!

Gharrett Dursma – Parts Technician

Years at Norlift: 3.5

Gharrett is our expert on JCB parts. He admires JCB because they listen to their customers and strive to meet their needs. He enjoys building relationships with customers through his pickups and deliveries. Being able to answer the phone and be on a first name basis with the person on the other side is important to him. When not at work, Gharrett is an avid runner. Look out for him at the local spartan races!

Cindy Ostendorf- Dispatch

Years at Norlift: 45

Cindy takes care of dispatching our mechanics to service our customers’ machines.  She loves the customers, and with the people she works with. Cindy helps organize and dispatch our mechanics. She is known around the office as a prankster, which apparently is a hereditary trait. She shared a story about a time she hid under another employee’s desk while they were at lunch to scare them when they returned. Only to later receive a phone call that her son got in trouble for a prank at school. She said she laughed the whole way from the offices to his school to pick him up. She said she is a firm believer that “if you can’t have fun, don’t come to work!”