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In-Plant Buildings & Mezzanines

When unexpected changes in business create new demands for in-plant space, consider what you need most: modular buildings and mezzanines. They give you unlimited flexibility and cost less than structures made from conventional construction. If you need assistance in determining what you need, Norlift can provide quality, long-term solutions for maximizing the use of your available plant space. Call us today so that our experts may design a system that is right for you!

Bins, Boxes & Containers


Guard Shacks
Portable Buildings
Wire Partitions

Modular Offices
Rack Supported Mezzanines
Security Caging
Shelf Supported Mezzanines
Wide Span Mezzanines



Space Guard
Western Pacific
Anderson Rack

Structural Systems
Lodi Metal Tech
Mezzanine Modules
National Partitions