Spokane Ag Expo 2019

With the range of material handling products and solutions that Norlift offers, it makes sense to be at the Spokane Ag Expo and Farm Forum. Whether for lift trucks, storage racking and shelving, bins and boxes, or wheels and casters – farmers, ranchers and their suppliers make up a large percentage of our customer list.  We’ve seen over the years that they’re also some of our most loyal customers, and it’s always great to be able to connect with them at the Ag Show.

The somewhat recent addition of JCB construction equipment is another reason to be at the show.  The innovation in JCB’s equipment is easily noticed by show attendees, leading to questions like, “How far does the boom on the Teleskid reach?”, “What size engine does that have?”, and “How does that not need DEF?”   The individual specific questions that get asked are always interesting, “Is it really easier for a big guy like me to get in that side door [instead of] over the track?”

For a relatively new brand to the area, JCB reliability is well known, and people instantly appreciate how easy it is to do daily checks on any JCB machine.

The following are a few photos from this year’s show.

Does Your Forklift Need Service or Repair?

The sometimes subtle (and sometimes not) signs
that your lift truck needs service – in Top Ten Form

Ignoring these signs, or other obvious malfunctions could result in damage to your equipment and an unsafe vehicle and work environment.

10. Engine turns over slowly – may require a new battery, starter or alternator, or belt.
9. Rough idling, hesitation or stalling on acceleration – may require a tune-up.
8. Excessive emissions – visible white, blue, or black smoke from the exhaust system. A strong exhaust odor may also indicate high emissions.
7. Rougher or harsher than normal ride – tires may require replacement due to uneven wear or wear beyond specs.
6. Leaks within or beneath the forklift.
5. Hardened, cracked or brittle hoses.
4. Engine temperature exceeding normal operating heat range.
3. Slow or jerky hydraulic response when using lift, tilt or attachment functions.
2. Inconsistent braking – brakes squealing or brakes locking – or requiring too much pedal input.
1. Binding and or excessive play found in the mast – upright or carriage assembly – lift chains, bearings, or mast shims may be worn beyond specs.

Allow only trusted, qualified forklift service professionals to work on your lift equipment. Norlift has Toyota and JCB certified technicians in eastern Washington, north Idaho and western Montana to handle all yours service needs.

At the Heart of the Top Rated Forklifts


Toyota’s 4Y engine is a purpose built powerplant for Toyota forklifts.  It’s not an engine adapted from some other machinery to cut on development and production costs.  It’s also not produced by some other manufacturer, so you know you’ll be getting Toyota dependability with it.  Inside Toyota’s Core Internal Combustion forklifts is one of the industry’s most durable, longest lasting forklift engines.  Imagine 30,000 hours without need for a major overhaul, it’s not uncommon.  We’re familiar with 4Y engines that have worked over 70,000 hours.  It is as fuel efficient and environmentally clean as it is capable in extreme hot, cold, dry and wet conditions.

Between the quality, reliability, longevity, low cost of ownership, and efficiency – Toyota forklifts have been bringing great value to the material handling marketplace in the United States since 1967.  Building forklifts in Columbus, Indiana since 1990, Toyota continues to bring safety and efficiency improvements to the workplace.