Truckload of used racking arrives at Norlift!

We’re offering special pricing on select sizes of used rack! We just received a large shipment of used inventory, and we need to move it.

Used Uprights

For a limited time, we’re offering one of our most popular sizes of racking for almost 25% off list!

$374 $295!

  • 12′ tall
  • 8′ wide
  • 3 shelves
  • Wire decking included
  • 5,000 lbs. capacity per shelf
  • Add-On units for just $250!*

Don’t wait, this offer won’t last long, and is subject to stock on hand.

We also received other sizes and capacities – call 509-535-1776 now and ask for details!


*Add-On units share a common upright with a starter unit – must purchase at least one starter unit to receive special pricing for Add-On units.

Get the equipment you need without killing your cashflow!

Norlift works closely with Toyota to provide our customers with affordable options for purchasing new equipment.

Toyota Commercial Finance offers a variety of lease and loan options at competitive rates, including a Standard Operating Lease and a Retail Installment Plant.

No matter what your cash flow situation, Norlift can assist you in getting the equipment your business needs to succeed. Click on the image below to see more information, or call us at 509-535-1776!
Lease info

Our May magazine has been updated with new deals!

We couldn’t fit everything in our print edition last May, so we wanted to give you a second opportunity via email – check out this updated and refreshed edition of the magazine to find:

  • Updated inventory of new Toyota Equipment
  • Info on Toyota’s lease & loan programs to help you get the equipment you need
  • More used trucks, including great cash deals on select units!
  • Great deals on used shelving, handtrucks, and bins!
  • And more!

Visit us at our website to see more of our great products and services, or give us a call at 509-473-0899!

How forklift safety certification affects your business

First up, let’s get on the same page. OSHA, like an overprotective parent, mostly exists to ruin your fun. After all, we could all use more good times like this in our warehouses:

Am I right?

All kidding aside, OSHA or no OSHA, workplace safety is important. Nobody wants to deal with injuries, downtime, damage, and other consequences of preventable accidents.

For the record, though, OSHA/WISHA does require that all forklift operators undergo safety training, which must be renewed every three years. While employers are responsible for ensuring their employees are trained on the specific equipment they use on the job, a general safety training course prior to operating any forklifts is a requirement.

And since OSHA seems to be stepping up their penalty game this year, it’s a good time to make sure your equipment operators are up to date on their certifications.

Norlift offers fast and convenient driver training, held regularly at our location. Best of all, it takes less than a day to complete, minimizing downtime. We’ve designed our class to get you or your employees up to speed quickly by providing hands on time with real forklifts to new drivers.

Renewal is even easier – our class starts at 8 a.m., and is done by lunch.

We also offer training at your facility if you have 10 or more drivers needing certification. And ask about our train-the-trainer courses, too! No matter what your situation, we’ll work hard to provide a solution that fits your needs.

The Ultimate Tools for the Ultimate Shop

Creating the ultimate workshop? Boy are you lucky you ran into me. I happen to work for a great company that sells, among other things, Wilton vises and B.A.S.H.® hammers. These are some of the sturdiest and highest-quality American-made shop products out there.

B.A.S.H.® hammers come in several sizes and models, including brass and dead blow heads for you hammer junkies. In addition, Wilton is so confident in their Unbreakable® Handle Technology, that for 2 years after purchase, if you break the handle under normal wear and tear, they will give you $1,000!

Wilton bench vises also scream quality and durability, and are some of the most popular in the industry. If you’ve never experienced a Wilton vise in person, you’ll want to get yourself down to our store and check them out.

image1 3

What I’m trying to tell you is that your ultimate workshop will not be complete without the ultimate vise and the ultimate hammer (or several of each). They’re tough, long-lasting, durable, American-made, and just plain good-looking. Give us a call, stop by the store, or visit our website to get pricing and more information. We have friendly and knowledgeable salespeople who would love to help you out!