Keeping Battery Costs Down and Lifespan Up

The average life span of an electric forklift battery is five years. Get the most from your battery by following the charging and service instrctions closely.

The service department at Norlift sees a lot of forklift and construction equipment during their shifts. We maintain, service and repair a wide variety of equipment. Regularly working on gasoline, diesel, liquid propane and electric powered machines that lift, push, pull, dig, split, vacuum and carry – the knowledge base is truly diverse. Some of the more common job assignments our technicians carry out are tune ups and hydraulic system leak repairs. A very common and most easily avoidable service ticket that electric powered machinery comes in for, is battery replacement due to lack of proper maintenance and/or failure to follow proper charging procedures.

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on charging, and keeping water levels within specified limits. Using the correct charging procedures and water levels will not only let you enjoy optimum life from your batteries, it will give you better run times. Add water to the battery only after charging, using purified or distilled water. Avoid extended (especially idle) time in frozen environments, if the water in your battery freezes, it could be seriously damaged.

Many fleet owners and managers are opting for single point watering systems that save time and increase accuracy in keeping proper water levels. Other options include switching to maintenance free batteries or lithium ion batteries. When considering purchasing a battery powered machine, or when it’s time for battery replacement, contact the experts at Norlift to find the right equipment and parts for your needs.

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