Pallet Rack


At Norlift we stock a large variety of new and used racking and we can help design projects of all sizes and scope. Selective Pallet Racking is an adaptable system that allows you to have access to every pallet or stored materials in your warehouse, shop or yard. Selective Pallet racking is optimal for utilizing vertical storage space, maximizing the amount of product able to be stored in your building or outdoor space.
Advantages of Selective Pallet Rack
• Manage Multiple Pick Locations and SKU’s
• Set Shelving levels to desired heights to maximize space
• Easily adjust shelf levels as desired
• Maximize Vertical Storage Space

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May 2019 Norlift Magazine

Take a look through the May magazine for warehouse products specials, rent to purchase possibilities with JCB equipment, used equipment, the JCB High Mobility Engineer Excavator (HMEE backhoe) and open house details.

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JCB and Clark products available in Washington and Idaho only.

The Warehouse Warehouse

New Warehouse Products

Many retail and wholesale stores, as well as dealerships of all kinds, have a warehouse.  Car and truck dealers; furniture and mattress stores; grocery and drug stores; auto parts and hardware stores all keep some of their stock at “the warehouse”.  Have you ever been shopping, and ended up disappointed when the item you wanted to purchase wasn’t in the store, but at the warehouse?  That’s not really an issue at Norlift.  Yes, we have warehouse space for our new and used forklifts, construction equipment and our rental fleet as well, and all of our warehouse space is quickly and easily accessible from our showroom on Fancher Road in the Spokane Valley.

We also have a warehouse full of new warehouse products, where we keep products like hand trucks, furniture dollies, pallet jacks, boltless shelving, pallet racking, and more.  These are the products that help keep businesses producing and make storage space efficient and effective.  Our team of experts can recommend the right products, or help you design a warehouse or workspace that best utilizes available materials and optimizes the space you have.  We can even handle the installation and setup of your working space.  We stock standard sizes of Norlift brand Superbench, or can custom build them to fit your specific needs.  This is just a part of what we do as your material handling experts.

Our other warehouse of warehouse products holds a wide variety of used warehouse products like cantilever rack, pallet rack, and wire decking.  From common items like many of the new warehouse products we sell, to some very special and unique storage solution items, if it’s built to store stuff, it may very well be out in the yard.  These experienced materials still have a lot of life left in them and come at a reduced price.

Used Warehouse Products in “The Yard”

With all those different types of materials in storage, you might think it would be difficult to keep track of it all.  That’s not the case thanks to Rich and Cody and our inventory stock list.  Rich and Cody maintain the stock on hand, receive the new and used materials as they are received and also handle the load outs to customers or freight carriers as the materials are sold.  Just ask where any specific item in stock is, and they have the location.  Somehow, they manage to keep track of it all!  Anyway, when you need to create space, or work more efficiently, give us a call at 509-535-1776 to see how we can put our material handling equipment expertise to work for you.


Used boltless shelving in stock now!

Looking for a great way to organize your garage or shop? Look no further! We have used boltless shelving available now! We have a few varieties of sizes and options, and it’s priced to sell! We also have organizer bins in stock!

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2 x 4 x 6 Five shelves

Multiple sizes available!




Used Metal Shelving Units – Just $69!


We have a large selection of metal shelving starting at $69! Showcased below is a 2 x 4 x 6 shelving unit with 5 shelves. These can hold up to 400 lbs per shelf! We also have 12′ tall versions of this shelving, if desired.

This is limited to stock on hand, so click here and press the “request a quote” button, or give us a call now at (509) 535-1776!