Forklift Operator Training Course

Norlift offers Forklift training every third Thursday of the month. Once completed Trainees will be certified to drive a class 1, 4, and 5 lift. These classes include sit down electric or internal combustion lifts with cushion or pneumatic tires. Class 2 and 3 are available on request. Trainees will watch a safety video and practice driving one of our forklifts. This includes driving forwards and backwards through a course while carrying a pallet.

We also offer a ‘Train the Trainer’ program that comes with a training video, booklet and manual for counterbalance lift trucks.

Already certified? OSHA requires all certifications to be renewed every three years. Our re-certification and ‘Train the Trainer’ programs are offered at the same time as the new certification class.

Training begins at 8am and usually goes until 11am for renewals or 12pm for new certifications. The training is $95 for a new certification or $79 for a re-certification which is due at the time of the class. Please RSVP online or call in to reserve your spot, seats fill up quickly!

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Toyota Forklift

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*”Your Choice” offer limited to Class 1 (Sit Down Electric) and Class V (Pneumatic) forklifts.

Get the equipment you need without killing your cashflow!

Norlift works closely with Toyota to provide our customers with affordable options for purchasing new equipment.

Toyota Commercial Finance offers a variety of lease and loan options at competitive rates, including a Standard Operating Lease and a Retail Installment Plant.

No matter what your cash flow situation, Norlift can assist you in getting the equipment your business needs to succeed. Click on the image below to see more information, or call us at 509-535-1776!
Lease info

How forklift safety certification affects your business

First up, let’s get on the same page. OSHA, like an overprotective parent, mostly exists to ruin your fun. After all, we could all use more good times like this in our warehouses:

Am I right?

All kidding aside, OSHA or no OSHA, workplace safety is important. Nobody wants to deal with injuries, downtime, damage, and other consequences of preventable accidents.

For the record, though, OSHA/WISHA does require that all forklift operators undergo safety training, which must be renewed every three years. While employers are responsible for ensuring their employees are trained on the specific equipment they use on the job, a general safety training course prior to operating any forklifts is a requirement.

And since OSHA seems to be stepping up their penalty game this year, it’s a good time to make sure your equipment operators are up to date on their certifications.

Norlift offers fast and convenient driver training, held regularly at our location. Best of all, it takes less than a day to complete, minimizing downtime. We’ve designed our class to get you or your employees up to speed quickly by providing hands on time with real forklifts to new drivers.

Renewal is even easier – our class starts at 8 a.m., and is done by lunch.

We also offer training at your facility if you have 10 or more drivers needing certification. And ask about our train-the-trainer courses, too! No matter what your situation, we’ll work hard to provide a solution that fits your needs.

Forklift Safety Infographic

Here’s a great infographic from the experts at Toyota Material Handling detailing some safety best practices, in addition to Toyota’s innovative System of Active Stability.

An important note: 20% of forklift purchasers consider Toyota forklifts to be the safest lift trucks with the least amount of safety related incidents, compared to the closest runner-up which scored 15%.

safety_infographic JPEG