At the Heart of the Top Rated Forklifts


Toyota’s 4Y engine is a purpose built powerplant for Toyota forklifts.  It’s not an engine adapted from some other machinery to cut on development and production costs.  It’s also not produced by some other manufacturer, so you know you’ll be getting Toyota dependability with it.  Inside Toyota’s Core Internal Combustion forklifts is one of the industry’s most durable, longest lasting forklift engines.  Imagine 30,000 hours without need for a major overhaul, it’s not uncommon.  We’re familiar with 4Y engines that have worked over 70,000 hours.  It is as fuel efficient and environmentally clean as it is capable in extreme hot, cold, dry and wet conditions.

Between the quality, reliability, longevity, low cost of ownership, and efficiency – Toyota forklifts have been bringing great value to the material handling marketplace in the United States since 1967.  Building forklifts in Columbus, Indiana since 1990, Toyota continues to bring safety and efficiency improvements to the workplace.

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